How to Establish a Network Connection

One of the most important aspects which makes computer so powerful is networking. It networking with which two persons interact with each other, the basic of the Internet is also networking in itself. If we talk about Windows Operating System it really boosted networking to different level by providing the graphical aspect to it.

The network option is available in the control panel of the Windows Operating System. From here we can create an internet connection on the computer, i.e. the Dial up, Broadband connection. Network connection is made by any of the two ways 1 Work group 2 Domains.

Now the question arises why these two options are used for the networking and what is the difference between these two. Workgroup: This is used for peer to peer networking and for networking small no of computer’s.

Workgroup is used for decentralizes management rather than a centralized management. How to join the computer in the work group Right click “My Computer” > Properties > Computer Name Now click on the “Change “and then check the Workgroup radio button Enter the Name of the Workgroup in the text box. Click OK and then Click on “Apply” Restart the computer Now, you would find that your computer is in the workgroup that you have just steeped for.

Domain: Domain is the centralized way of networking or connecting the computers. Using this domain we can manage the users from the centralized server and manipulate the users and permission for it. But we need to use the servers for the Domain, now the question arises how to connect computers in the domain. Right click “My Computer” > Properties > Computer Name Click on the “Change “and then check the “Domain” radio button. Enter the Name of the Domain in the Text Box Click OK, and then Click on “Apply” Restart the computer. After that restart select the domain name and enter the user name.

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